If I donate CHF 1, how much of it is really spent on the project?

SA4D’s administrative cost are 8.4%. We use that money to cover human resources, accounting, IT, infrastructure and communication. Our outlay for fundraising is 8.2%. That means that 16.6 cents per franc donated is used for administration and fundraising. The other 83 cents go straight to the project.

Is my donation really used for the project I select?

Yes. Your donation is used how you want, for example, for a specific project. The ZEWO Foundation – which monitors non-profit organisations in Switzerland – regularly checks that we comply with the intended use of funds. SA4D also relies on donations that are not aimed at a specific project. We use these funds where they are most urgently needed.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Because SA4D is ZEWO certified, donations are tax deductible at federal level, as well as at the cantonal level in most cantons. You can find more information here.

How is SA4D funded?

SA4D is 100% dependent on donations. 95% of income generated is for a specific purpose, which means that SA4D can only use it for a specific project. The most significant donors are federal agencies, cantons and communes, international organisations and academic institutions.

Will SA4D share my address with third parties?

No, we won’t give your address to any other organisations. As a ZEWO member, SA4D must respect data protection.