You are convinced that sport and play are a real school for life and would like to contribute to ensuring everyone has a level playing field.

If you want to support disadvantaged children and young people in improving their health and education, you want to level their path to dignified work, and you value local people’s involvement in charitable projects, then SA4D is the right partner for your organisation.

It is important to us to keep you informed about the current state of a project, interim results and any hurdles. We do that, for example, in the form of quantitative reports or case studies that you can reuse for a wider audience in any way you want.

The success of SA4D’s projects depends on donations from foundations, agencies and other organisations. That is because we do not have our own fundraising division. We prefer to use our resources to research how we can help people in the most effective way, and to implement our findings in Switzerland and abroad.

Maybe your support will make our next project possible. Our project managers would be delighted to meet you.