Former Caritas  Director Fridolin Kissling and sociologist Peter Atteslander found SA4D. Their goal: to bridge the gap between research and practice.

1991: Foundation

First congress of SA4D’s scientific board takes place in Neuchâtel. Numerous renowned international researchers participate – amongst them Johan Galtung.

1991: Congress in Neuchâtel

Convention on the subject of “Islam and Occident”: SA4D defines dialogue between cultures as a central topic. Many other intercultural forums follow.

1992: First Intercultural Forum

After the genocide in Rwanda SA4D develops a system that allows for the detection of societal breakdown at an early stage.

1994 – 1998: Anomie Research

SA4D’s scientific department relocates to Lindenhof in Biel/Bienne.

1995: Relocation to Lindenhof

After Fridolin Kissling’s death and resignation of Peter Atteslander, SA4D adds a second mainstay: Sport and development.

2001: End of Founder's Era

SA4D organises the first international conference on sport and development and is recognised as one of the pioneers in the sector.

2003: Magglingen Conference

sportanddev.org is launched. The website becomes a leading information platform for the sport and development sector.

2003 - 2023: sportanddev.org

SA4D receives a UNICEF award for its innovative approach used in the educational project “Move 4 New Horizons”.

2011: UNICEF Sport For Education Award

SA4D celebrates its 25th anniversary and paves the way for the future with its 2016 – 2019 stretegy and a new corporate design.

2016: 25 years of SA4D

More years to come ...