SA4D is not only implementing its own projects but also works on a mandate basis. SA4D provides the following services.

Capacity Assessment

We support third parties (governments, non-governmental organisations, charities and companies) in identifying adequate structures, partners and systems into which the desired sport and play based development interventions can sustainably be integrated.

Capacity Development

We provide capacity development for both the general and customised needs of children, youth, organisations and partners, in the areas of sport and play, monitoring and evaluation, health, education, employment, and organisational and strategy development.

Project Management and Implementation

We plan, support and implement sport and play based projects together with local partners.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

We strengthen the capacity of governmental, non-governmental and international organisations and partners to monitor and evaluate by developing customised systems, monitoring ongoing programmes and implementing mid-term, final and follow-up evaluations on outcomes and impact.

Applied Research

We conduct applied research, which directly aims to answer practical questions and particularly includes the assessment (evaluation research) and development (intervention research) of concrete measures or interventions.