Conflicts and natural disasters endanger the psychosocial health of children and young people around the world. SA4D supports affected people in dealing with their experience and in restoring some normality to their daily lives.

Natural disasters such as severe earthquakes or floods can take all of your possessions in a flash. Affected people lose their closest relatives and are left with the physical and mental effects. Manmade emergency situations such as environmental destruction, war and displacement leave populations traumatised as well.

Children and young people’s psychosocial health is at particular risk from experiences of violence and loss. They suffer from nightmares, headaches, anxiety, and aggression, and struggle to get their bearings in the new situation.


After a traumatic experience, once survival has been ensured, the aim is to give people some day-to-day normality back. The people affected need a safe space to deal with their experiences as individuals, families and communities.

SA4D uses sport and play based activities to create these safe havens. People’s trauma is taken as a starting point for these activities – not for direct trauma therapy but rather to strengthen the children and young people’s natural coping strategies in a targeted way. Through sport and play activities they develop a sense of community, learn to talk about their experiences and to resolve conflicts fairly, and regain self-confidence.