The global economy needs to create 600 million jobs by 2020 for all the young people around the world who will be entering the job market between now and then to find employment.

Young people already make up 40 percent of the international unemployment figure. That figure will not decrease with 600 million new jobs – it will merely remain stable.

Unemployment robs young people of their future

One part of the problem is the fact that demand for workers cannot really keep up with demographics. Another part of the problem is that in many places, the job market neither encourages nor rewards the creation of new jobs. Often, young people do not have the knowledge or skills required for newly created jobs or for self-employment.

It is particularly difficult for women to find jobs, particularly in places where society does not expect them to have their own income. People from minority groups, and other disadvantaged young people only have limited access to the job market, and therefore hardly any chance of decent work.

Without employment, young adults lose confidence in their own skills. The danger of them drifting into drug abuse, criminality or violence increases.

Create jobs through self-employment

That’s why SA4D is committed to helping disadvantaged young adults to find employment. SA4D uses vocational training and support programmes to help young people to develop skills and competencies that’ll make it easier to enter the world of work.

In particular, SA4D supports young people in taking the step to self-employment. With their own businesses, young entrepreneurs don’t just secure their own income and decent working conditions: they make it seem possible to others as well.