When did you last hire an illiterate person?

SA4D’s never done it either. In Switzerland, finishing school is not a privilege reserved for the middle and upper classes. In India, by contrast, one child in five drops out of primary school. In particular, children who are marginalised because of their caste struggle at school. Without basic education, they cannot find dignified work – not even in a country with growth seven times stronger than in Switzerland.

Whether in India, Myanmar, Egypt or South Sudan, only healthy and educated people can find work. People who haven’t managed to meet these requirements under their own steam have earned our help – and yours.

As SA4D’s partner, your business can take social responsibility in various ways:

  • Make a donation for a particular project as a company.
  • Launch a fundraising campaign among your employees and match their donations as a company.
  • Sell a product in favour of SA4D.
  • Make an expert employee available to SA4D.

Or suggest your own idea to us. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.