25 Years

SA4D is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Working at the intersection between theory and practice, SA4D uses sport and play to give young people around the world the opportunity to live a healthy life, with access to education and employment.

Looking back on 25 years

25 years of SA4D means 25 years of teamwork too. As a not-for-profit foundation, SA4D has always relied on its employees. A lot of bright minds and creative spirits have helped the organisation on its journey. To celebrate SA4D’s 25th anniversary, over the year 25 former employees look back and tell us where life has taken them.

25 former employees tell their stories

Under Rolf Schwery’s leadership, SA4D coordinated the first international, high-level event on sport and development in Magglingen. In this interview, he explains how this came to be – and how Walter Fust, head of the SDC at the time, wanted to invite Angelina Jolie to the Magglingen Conference.

“We realized that we could reach everybody with sport”

Where were Marc Probst, Nadia Lanfranchi and Paul Hunt when Fridolin Kissling and Peter Atteslander founded SA4D in 1991? To mark SA4D’s anniversary, our staff have rooted out their personal photo albums and turned back the pages to 1991. One thing is for sure: SA4D wasn’t the only one who was very young in 1991!

SAD’s Staff 25 Years Ago: A Retrospective

From volleyball in the earthquake-hit city of Bam in Iran to our personal photo albums of 1991: During the past year we looked back into 25 years of SA4D. Many thanks to everybody who celebrated with us!

These were 25 years of SAD