“Suddenly he did everything himself”

Arman has been going to school for a year. His teacher is pleased with him. Unlike lots of other children, he listens carefully and does his work independently. “He always does his homework by himself too,” say his parents. It is not a given that the 7-year-old would find school easy. His mother can neither read nor write, and his father only went to primary school for a couple of years, which makes it difficult for them to support their five children. But one thing was always clear to them – their children should have a better life.

“The games!”

Arman’s parents are convinced that his success at school is to do with the early years classes. He is the youngest in the family, and the only one to have attended preschool. Before “Move & Improve”, there were no free early years classes in the village. The beginning still wasn’t easy. “For the first few weeks, Arman cried when he had to go to preschool and I had to go in with him,” remembers his mother. “But soon he really liked his teacher and went in on his own every morning.” He was 4 at the time. His parents noticed that he liked the early years classes when he was at home too. For example, he learnt how important hand-washing and teeth-cleaning are. “Suddenly we didn’t need to remind him anymore – he did everything himself.”

Although Arman likes school, he misses preschool. He doesn’t hesitate long when asked why: “The games!”