Who’ll look after my child when I’m at work, and where can I learn German?

People who are new to Switzerland, or who have moved from one municipality to another, have lots of questions. The Migros Culture Percentage support programme “conTAKT-net.ch” – managed by SA4D – provides answers.

One example is St. Margrethen in the canton of St. Gallen. In just a few clicks, people who have moved there can use the municipality’s website to find out that there is childcare at “Chinderhus Rägebogä” and German classes at the library on the Bahnhofplatz – thanks to “conTAKT-net.ch”.

Questions on accommodation, transport and more

Until 2019, with “conTAKT-net.ch”, 32 municipalities, regions and cantons have developed webpages for new residents from elsewhere in Switzerland or further afield. The questions and answers cover topics such as accommodation, school and transport. The basic information is also available in audio format in 12 different languages.

SAD advises and guides

The Migros Culture Percentage developed and finances “conTAKT-net.ch”. SA4D helps with project implementation on behalf of the Migros Culture Percentage, guiding project groups in municipalities, regions and cantons as they develop webpages.

Migrants are essential members of these project groups. They know best which questions come up when moving. Their involvement in developing the webpages contributes to integration long before anything is online.