A feasibility study for measures to increase sport and physical activity among young women in Switzerland

Various studies have shown that the physical activity behaviour of adolescents, especially young women, declines in the transition from childhood to adolescence. While almost 100% of the recommended physical activity levels are still achieved in childhood, the numbers decrease significantly in the following years. The greatest decline can be observed among young women aged 17 to 19; only just under 20% are able to comply with the physical activity recommendations. Sufficient physical activity is essential for the physical, psychological and social development of children and adolescents. There is a need for action to promote physical activity among young people in Switzerland, especially among young women.

How can the physical activity and sporting behaviour of 15-19 year old young women, especially students at vocational schools, be increased and sustainably promoted in Switzerland in the context of school and club sport? This is the central question of the feasibility study, which was researched with online surveys, focus groups and expert interviews. In addition to analysing the background and the current situation, the needs, interests and motivations of the main stakeholders were determined and the conditions and challenges for the success of a future project to increase the sport and physical activity behaviour of young women were evaluated. Finally, the study formulated proposals and recommendations.