The Grupo Internacional de Paz (GIP) is a private, nonprofit organization, staffed by a team of people from Colombia and other countries in order to promote a vision of development that contributes in a comprehensive and sustainable approach to finding collective peace and reconciliation purposes, with special emphasis on sports and cultural methods of prevention.

Grupo Internacional de Paz has specialized in the area of sport as a tool to prevent the involvement of children and young people to circuits of illegality, and the use of violence as a means of socialization from which configures the online Sport and Peace as one of its lines of work.

In Columbia, SA4D has partnered with Grupo Internacional de Paz (GIP) on a programme for (vocational) training of children and young people. GIP runs the training centre, offers courses and chooses the children. Through years of experience, GIP has won the trust of marginalised groups in a sustainable way. They also exchange with government committees in a productive, beneficial manner.