Sport is a sustainable tool for triggering social change. However, this is not equally clear or evident to everybody. How it can be ensured that volunteer work in sport generates real added value, benefitting society as a whole?

As the Bahraini minister for youth and sport was formerly involved in volunteer work in sport, he wanted to introduce it to his compatriots. The ministry for youth and sport organised the “Youth City 2030” on sport volunteerism and sport for social change. SA4D was there too, teaching the motivated young participants – both men and women.

In July and August 2018, there were five weeks of talks, exhibitions and roundtable discussions in Manama, Bahrain. SA4D led talks on topics such as concepts and practices in sport. This also covered the question “How can I make volunteer work in sport, and sport for social change, appeal to people I know?”.

Sustainable implementation of the information

SA4D’s courses were met with real interest and a desire to put the information into practice. In fact, the information was used immediately. During the course, the participants laid the foundations for a volunteer work team. This team of men and women still exists – it is called the “S Factors” and has made a name for itself outside of Bahrain too.