Nutrition is still important as we get older – our health and wellbeing are very much affected by what and how we eat. And who doesn’t want to be able to enjoy an independent, varied life in old age?

The Switzerland-wide project “Tavolata” offers just that. It is a network of over 400 independently-organised groups of diners. A “Tavolata” is created when people meet to cook, eat and enjoy themselves together. People of all ages are invited to share company, and healthy, nutritious and tasty food. They cook for each other, and eat and chat together – something which would improve anybody’s day. That is why “Tavolata” works with local, independent groups to create a network, bringing people together.

A contribution to social solidarity

“Tavolata” was begun in 2010 by Migros Culture Percentage. SA4D has been mandated by Migros Culture Percentage to work on the process. The “Tavolata” network makes an important contribution to social cohesion and the promotion of quality of life for the elderly.