In summer 2006, there was a war in Lebanon. The violence affected the daily life of children and young people.

After the war, SA4D helped them to deal with the traumatic experiences. With sport and play, SA4D promoted the psychosocial rehabilitation of 1,500 children in the South Beirut municipality of Shiah.

SA4D ran the project between 2007 and 2008, together with local partner organisation Oum el-Nour. Children and young people from Palestine who were living in the nearby Palestinian refugee camp of Borj Barajneh participated as well.

Processing trauma with sport

SA4D and Oum el-Nour organised regular sport and play activities in the playgrounds of 3 public schools. Local coaches led the games. SA4D prepared them for this task in sports teaching and psychosocial workshops.

Lessons for life

The sport and play activities were more than just a meaningful hobby for the children and young people. In the playground, they learnt skills including working in a team and resolving conflicts peacefully. SA4D and Oum el-Nour also used the playgrounds for violence and drugs prevention as well as raising awareness of HIV.