Fondation Botnar is a Swiss foundation founded in 2003. It is committed to improving children and young people’s health and wellbeing in fast-growing cities around the world. Fondation Botnar serves as a catalyst, sets up networks of partners and invests in solutions that use and promote artificial intelligence and digital innovation.

Fondation Botnar mandated SA4D to evaluate the work of three projects, checking their relevance and impact, thereby ensuring the quality of the projects.

Relevance and impact of projects supported

Independent evaluation is very helpful for ensuring quality and the successful use of donations. SA4D evaluates projects using the OECD’s Quality Standards for Development Evaluation. During the evaluation, particular attention is paid to aimed and achieved relevance and effectiveness of projects. In addition, given Fondation Botnar’s interests, SA4D analyses the use of digital technology. SA4D does this using semi-structured interviews and analysis of project documents for a comprehensive assessment.