Even with a good education, many young people in Myanmar are unemployed. The economic boom in recent years has barely improved the precarious job market.

Together with the Centre for Vocational Training (CVT), SA4D is paving the way for young entrepreneurs to become independent. In customised classes and through mentoring, they acquire the necessary skills for making their business ideas reality. The guidelines help the coaches to promote active learning in their lessons. Through playful activities, debates and role-play, the young people directly apply what they have learnt. The interactive learning process promotes more in-depth engagement with the theory, and makes it easier to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

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Original titles

  • Entrepreneurs for Myanmar –  Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprise Management. Course textbook.
  • Entrepreneurs for Myanmar – Promoting Entrepreneurship through Play-Based Learning. A Guide for Trainers.


  • Swiss Academy for Development