Peter Atteslander, Bettina Gransow und John Western (Hg.), Comparative Anomie Research: Hidden Barrers – Hidden Potential for Social Development, Adlershot 1999. (English)

Rapid societal change, for example triggered by modernisation, can be dangerous. If people are unable to keep up with the change, then there will be uncertainty, “normlessness” and a lack of orientation – i.e. anomie.

SA4D conducted intensive research on anomie between 1994 and 1997. The aim was to explore the causes and effects of anomie and to develop a tool that would provide early warnings of unintended effects of development programmes and societal change.

Social scientists from around the world cooperated on SA4D’s anomie research project. This anthology brings together the results of the three-year research project. It includes field studies from China, Bulgaria, the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, with both conceptual and methodological reflections on anomie.